How Does Your CX Measure Up?

Measure Customer Experience and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customer experience (CX) measurement is essential to improve business results.  Did you know only 21% of today's organizations actually tie CX quality to business outcomes?  And, only 34% share and act on CX metrics (like customer satisfaction or NPS)?  That means most organizations don't know how to measure CX to improve their business results, or their CX measurement program needs a tune up.  This report can help you get started in building a successful CX measurement program, or improve what you already have in place. 

Download this report to learn how to:

  • Choose and measure the right customer segments
  • Design a data collection strategy
  • Identify and act on CX issues

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Seven Steps to Successful Customer Experience Measurement Programs

Complimentary June 2013 Forrester Report

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